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About Search Engines:

Internet Searches

Internet Search engines that consistently deliver the goods are not easy to find.You would think that the search database with the largest collection of sites would return the best results. This is not the case.The above collections of search engines are amongst some of the best. Located all in one place to help make your search a pleasant experience.
The RapidSearch team, 14/03/2001


Find People Free?
Use these free online forms to search for people and information.

One good place to search for people is in the free Telco phone directories. Follow the link to the find people page and search for people there.

Try the Whowhere search to lookup email addresses.

Search the news groups for the persons name contained in postings. 

Search engines
The Net's search engines- there sure are plenty of them. In the old days we used something called an index. But the fact is, search engines, as difficult as they can be to get a good result, are an important and helpful part of our life. 

The difficult part is choosing which search engine is right for your job.

Which one do you use for your search? Well, it depends on what you are searching for. 

The best
Here are the best suggestions available... AltaVista. You've surely heard of this serach engine.

AltaVista is the largest search engine on the internet. It sends out spiders to search for every page available. 

Unfortunately, while every page is here, you often get a few too many results. It is definately one of the best, though.

About.com If you are searching for a particular topic, such as panic attack disorder, Internet for Beginners, then About.com is for you. 

It contains articles as well as links to give you a background about the subject you are looking for. It also contains refernced links to other sites for more information about your serch. 

Ask Jeeves If you want to ask a question, Ask Jeeves is the search engine for this. You ask it real questions, such as how do dolphins sleep? and it comes back with a list of places to look to find the answer. 

You need to look at the options it provides, and choose the best one, but it usually comes up with the goods.

How search engines work.
Each search engine gathers its information differently. Some, such as AltaVista, use 'robots' to index the pages, without human interaction. 

Goto uses the actual webmasters to input the information (and then makes them pay for the privilige). 

Other serch engines such as Yahoo or the open directory use real people to index the internet's sites.

This means they will be more relevant, but for some reason, Yahoo never seems to be able to display what I want. They are big if you are searching for a company. 

Apart from the main searches, there are some specialist search engines too. Some of these are listed here.

Want to go shopping?
If you are looking for a shopping site, or the best site for commercial topics, then use the GoTo search engine. 

Goto gets people to pay for their entries, so often it is the better online companies with money to spare advertising here. 

You get to see exactly how much they pay for you to click on them, so you know how much your sale is worth. goto goto.com here. 

People searches
There are also pay options to locate peple for free, try USSearch for information on this type of service if the free options on these pages don't get your results .

Other cool places to visit:
Gamebytes for excellent Age of Empires game information
RadScooter for cool tricks and moves for scooter riders
RapidSearch to find people and information for free
The RapidSearch team, 14/03/2001

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